Thursday, 21 July 2016

Spreading The Word

It seems that the only time we hear about projects that our colleagues are working on, is when something goes wrong. 

But why is that? What about all those other successful projects ?

Did you know, for instance, that Riadh has been designing a swimming pool for a world renowned singer, or that the Manchester office designed many of the stage structures for one of the latest spectacular productions in the West End.

Even Tom is unaware that a design he carried out on a London project has just won an award for the best development of 2016 in a Conservation area. And, few of you know that Mark Rust was instrumental in the multi-million-pound refurbishment of the Shaftesbury Theatre, which has been nominated for an another award.

Although, impressive, these just form a small portfolio of projects that you - Team JMS - are all carrying out on a daily basis. Whether it is simple lintel over a kitchen window or a multi-site development that Matt and David have been slogging over for two years, you all bring your energy and expertise to it. 

So tell us. 

Tell us the projects you are working on; the ones where you go home at the end of the day and think “I did a good job on that one”. 

We are not looking for the ‘headline’ projects, we are looking for those projects which make you feel good about yourself and what you do.

Just recently, Graham, pulled a new hotel project from the bag. The client was considering changing his whole design team but decided to keep JMS. Ian has been personally requested to project manage a development in London from a client we have never previously worked for. 

And, Ben got Thames Water Authority approval for a sewer diversion where a large London engineering consultancy said “not a chance”. 

What does this say about you and JMS?

It says: we're good and our clients know it.

It is not a matter of boasting about what you have done, it’s a matter of JMS boasting about what you - Team JMS - have done and can do. 

The majority of our clients come to us because they want to - they recognise what we do, they want to be part of what we do and we need to build upon our success.

So, let's use this platform to spread the word - tell us what you are doing; tell us about the projects, big or small; particularly where you have provided a solution that you're proud of. 

We'll make this part of the Project HEX remit so talk to them, talk to your team leaders.

Don’t keep it a secret as there are two types of secret; one that is not worth keeping and the other that is just too good to keep!