Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Extending the value of the model - the third dimension.

The JMS mantra of CIA - Create, Innovate, Automate - took yet another step forward last week when Ben, Iain, Deanna and Bhavin went 'back to school' in the classroom with Luke Howells from Cadline.

This was the intensive training process to introduce Autodesk Civil 3D to JMS's armory of design and documentation software.

Ben Norman and Iain Jones (from the Brightwell office) joined  Deanna Ottaviano and Bhavin Parmar in the Midlands office to add that crucial third way - the missing dimension.

For those of you who don't know, Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2017 is a civil engineering design and documentation software that supports Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows by extending the value of the model. 

Watch this short introduction for a visual overview:

With a focus on optimising a variety of civil infrastructure project workflows, such as highways and drainage, land development, rail, airports and water, Civil 3D 2017 helps civil infrastructure project teams:
  • improve delivery, 
  • maintain more consistent data and processes, 
  • and respond faster to project changes. 

Civil 3D will further help JMS civil projects by streamlining time-consuming tasks such as conducting an earthworks cut and fill analysis, creating highways profiles.

The software offers a vast range of beneficial tools and features adding power to civil projects. These include: corridor modelling, earthwork calculations, grading, pipes, production drafting, geospacial analysis. point clouds and much much more.

It will help us perform faster design iterations and streamline time-consuming tasks:

...connect design to documentation to help boost productivity and deliver higher quality:

...use visualisation, simulation and water analysis tools integrated with the design process to improve project delivery and decision making:

...and collaboration features are designed to help the engineer to overcome team co-ordination and workflow challenges within civil infrastructure projects:

"One of the frequent 'just smile and carry on' qualities needed in my work is to react to change" Bhav pointed out and went on: " - change in the brief, additional features, avoiding unforeseen geographical objects etc. This used to require a time consuming series of amendments and checks to ensure that design changes and their knock on effects are correctly managed."

"With 3D, changes to drafting and annotation are dynamically reflected throughout the model for quick and efficient visualisation - and these stay in sync with design changes at any stage of the process."

More power to your three dimensional elbow JMS.

We add value to every project we have been,
are, and will be equally proud to support.